A group of friends joined to form a social congregate to help the needy. The main aim of the group is to
find those who are in need of any kind of help and who deserve the help and most importantly those who
did not find the persons who can help them.

The group was formed in August 2009 at Chennai with fourteen members. The group decided to name its
group as PANCHAJANYA .

As of the date the group has grown and has a member base of 149 and still growing waiting to find the
opportunity to help the needy.
To become a member any person can contact us through the mail or by contacting any Panchajanya 
member in person.The group is being formed in meeting by person so members are requested to maintain
attendance to at least one event in every six months.

The group was formed first with 14 member team and the group has grown to 150 member
team by January 2012 and still growing.
The main objective of the group is to serve the needy. This is done by conducting events. The events are 
the special features of Panchajanya by which the needy are being served. These events are strictly restricted
to people who really deserves help and confirmed by our Panchajanya member team. So every event is
initiated at least by one member who knows (the receiver of the service from Panchajanya) in person.

  Your suggestions for our next event and Comment


Our group's another mile stone.

We have launched a monthly magazine Panchajanya's wave. The WAVE is destined to bring the monthly events and happening in our group which will also act as a medium for your responds. The following are the issues of our WAVE.

Wave May 2011


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